Demo Reel


1. "MINDY"
Responsible for topology and rigging. Created for the BYU short film "Papa".
- Facial rig based on the three curve principle. Micro's, macros, and sculpts working to create appealing, directable shapes. The system is comprised of clusters driven along curves, with blendshapes firing on top.
- Facial GUI scripted in Python. This GUI was built with the intent to help our young animators both stay on model and get appealing shapes. I learned a lot, and ultimately I would build the facial controls differently next time. But this GUI served its purpose for the film.
- Hair Tool scripted in Python. We discovered late in production that we needed to animate Mindy tucking her hair behind her head. We had no one interested in hair sim, and with the time limitations decided it would be best to rig the hair. The groom had over 1200 guide curves. This script built a driving curve, places bones along it, and skins the curves to the driver.
- Hybrid IK/FK spine. The Kayla and Stewart rigs both share this spine. I dissected them and combined the spine with some other thoughts from the deep web. It works.
- Stretchy, bendy limbs with elbow pinning and soft IK. Shoutout to Harry Houghton for his amazing tutorials.
- Intuitive hand and finger controls. Thank goodness for Blender Open Projects. I have Juan Pablo Bouza's breakdown of the Victor rig to thank for the hand system.

Modelled by Jared Rawle.

- Conte Crayon on newsprint.
- Most were done in 10 Min