A Lot more figures

I made some large strides in the last few weeks. I understand cloth finally! 2 - 8 minutes.


More figures

Poses range from 30 seconds to 8 minutes.


More Painting

There are many things I dislike about this. But, time to move on and apply what I learned to the next painting!


Photoshop Painting

My good friend Wesley Tippetts gave me some know how on how to paint! He said they aren't bad for my first day of painting. :)

This is the paintover Wesley did. Makes everything pop.


Another Zijlstra Lab Shirt!

Hey guys, its been a while. I got pretty caught up in preparing for my mission. Speaking of which, I have been called to the Jackson Mississippi Mission, and will be leaving to serve their for two years on Dec 21st.

But, back to my post. Here tis!


Team Fortress 2

I made a custom hat for the steamworkshop. So, if any of you guys play TF2, go rate it up!


Lil People For My Sis

This is definitely a different project than the ones that came before. They are cutE!?!